Chapter 24: Origin of Species

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  • The Origin Of Species
    • speciation- the ones that split one species in two species and highlights the key similarities and differences between them
      • microevolution- the change of time in allele frequencies of a population
      • marcoevolution- the broad pattern of evolution above a species level
      • species- members of group that have offspring only related to members of their own group
        • definitively enhanced by reproductive isolation that blocks mating amongst certain groups leading to limitation of hybrids or interracial mating
        • prezygotic barriers- block fertilization from happening by blocking members, preventing attempt mating or hindering fertilization, however if they fail postzygotic barriers occur
      • classification of species: morphological species concept- characterizes a species shape by body type ecological looks at the species interacts with its behavior phylogenetic- group of individuals that share a common ancestor
    • how does speciation actually occur? there has be to a disruption in the gene flow process first and then reproductive isolation occurs, causing the speciation


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