The Ontological Argument

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  • The ontological argument
    • a priori by a logical deductive argument
    • Anselm
      • 3. Therefore god cannot be thought of as non-existent as that would make it less great a being than one that exists
      • 2. The idea exists in his understanding but it would be greater if it existed in reality
      • 4. The fool can only say "there is no god" because he understand the words but =not the thing itself
      • 1. "a being than which none greater can be thought"
      • 5. It is impossible to think of God not existing as we cannot conceive of him having a beginning and an end
      • Book=Psalms
    • Guanilo's objections
      • The same reasoning can be used for anything even a perfect "island"
        • Anselm argues argument only applies to God , as to be the most perfect being existence is necessary
    • Aquinas's view
      • The existence of God may be self-evident, but not self evident to us
      • Atheists like the fool in Psalms deny the first premise that there is a being by which there is none greater
    • Descartes version
      • agrees and expands upon Anselm by describing god as "supremely perfect" rather than "greater"
    • Hume's objections
      • Logic  never proves anything, experience is necessary
    • Kant's objections
      • Existance is not a real predicate


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