Nervous system

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  • The Nervous System
    • Sense Organs
      • Eyes
        • Sensitive to light
      • Ears
        • Sensitive to sound
      • Nose
        • sensitive to chemicals
      • Tongue
        • Sensitive to chemicals
      • Skin
        • Sensitive to touch, pressure, pain and tempurature
    • The nervous Pathway's
      • Stimulus
        • A change in the surroundings
        • Receptors
          • Nerve endings in the Dermis of skin that detect the stimulus.
          • Co-ordinator
            • The CNS (brain and spinal cord) that co-ordinates a response.
            • Effectors
              • A muscle/gland that carries out a response
              • Response
                • Corrective action
      • The Neurones
        • The Brain and spinal cord are called the CNS (central nervous system)
        • 2.Motor neurones carry impulses from the CNS to the effector (Muscle or gland that carries out the action
        • 1.Sensory neurones carry impulses from the receptors to the CNS.
        • Relay neurones from one part of the CNS to the other, or between the sensory and motor neurones.


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