The Munich Putsch

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  • The Munich Putsch
    • Hitler was angry that Germany had given into France.
    • Angry that passive resistance was called off. It was believed that it was an act of betrayal.
    • 8th November 1923, Kahr and his 2 most senior Bavarian officials were addressing a meeting at a beer hall in Munich.
    • Hitler arrived with 600 SA.
      • He stopped the meeting after firing 2 gunshots.
    • Hitler took Kahr and his ministers into a ide room at gunpoint.
    • Prisoners refused to speak until Hitler threatened to kill himself.
    • Kahr and his men agreed to support Hitler.
    • The next day Hitler, Ludendorff and 3000 Nazis marched into Munich.
    • They found the police and army waiting for them.
      • The police used rubber truncheons and rifle butts to push back the crowds.
    • A bullet was fired and may swept over the street from both sides.
    • Hitler fell and dislocated his ankle.
    • The shooting lasted 1 minute and 16 Nazis and 3 policemen died.
      • Hitler scrambled into his car and left the site.
    • Ludendorff was arrested straight away but Hitler followed 2 days later.
    • In February 1924, a trial began of the leading members of the Putsch.
    • The trial gave Hitler a national platform to speak.
    • Hitler was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment but only served 5 months.
    • He wrote his book 'Mein Kampf' while in prison.
    • Ludendorff was let off with no prison sentence. Other Nazi leaders were given short sentences.
    • The years after the Putsch were difficult for the Nazis.


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