The Multi-store Model of memory

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  • The Multi-store Model of memory (MSM)
    • Atkinson and Shiffrin (1986)
    • 1: Information is detected by the sensory organs and enters the sensory memory.
    • described as an information processing model (like a computer) with an input, process and output.
    • 2:If payed attention to this information enters the short term memory.
    • 3: Information from the STM is transferred to the long-term memory only if that information is rehearsed.
    • 4: If rehearsal does not occur, information is forgotten, through the processes of decay.
    • Sensory Memory
      • Duration: milliseconds
      • Capactiy: Very large
      • Encoding: depends on sense organ involved
      • Sensory Information
        • Iconic (eyes)
        • Haptic (hands)
        • Untitled
    • STM
      • Duration: 20 seconds
      • Capacity: 7+/-2 bits
      • Encoding: mainly acousitc
    • LTM
      • Capacity: Very large
      • Duration: potentially unlimited
      • Encoding: mainly semantic


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