Snaith//The Manhunt


The Manhunt

After the first phase,

after passionate nights and intimate days,

Passionate: nature of their relationship, sexual, physical

Intimate: very close, intimacy before and after the war, emotional and physical

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The Manhunt

only then would he let me trace

the frozen river which ran through his face,

Frozen river:

  • The colour of his scar
  • The 'landscape' of his face
    • A passage for the bullet
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The Manhunt

only then would he let me explore

the blown hinge of his lower jaw,

Explore: sexual foreplay, find him again emotionally

Blown hinge:

  • Army connotations
  • The door that has closed opening up?
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The Manhunt

and handle and hold

the damaged, porcelain collar-bone,

Handle and hold: alliteration, 'huh-huh' sounds, sexual

Damaged, porcelain: delicate, he is breakable

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The Manhunt

and mind and attend

the fractured rudder of shoulder-blade,

Rudder: direction, or lack of? Does she guide him?

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The Manhunt

and finger and thumb

the parachute silk of his punctured lung.

Finger and thumb: sexual

Parachute silk:

  • Army connotations
  • Strength compared with beauty
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The Manhunt

Only then could I bind the struts

and climb the rungs of his broken ribs,

Bind: she wants to heal him

Climb the rungs: up to his heart

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The Manhunt

and feel the hurt

of his grazed heart.


  • Tender and sore
  • Not totally destroyed, still mendable
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The Manhunt

Skirting along,

only then could I picture the scan,

Skirting along: edging around, avoiding the hurt

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The Manhunt

the foetus of metal beneath his chest

where the bullet had finally come to rest.


  • Damage is growing
  • He is the mother, he can't get rid of the child
  • Pain of childbirth, pain of injury
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The Manhunt

Then I widened the search,

traced the scarring back to its source.

Widened the search: sexual

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The Manhunt

to a sweating, unexploded mine

buried deep in his mind, around which

Sweating, unexploded: he is a minefield, one thing can trigger it all, memories are mines

Buried deep: sexual? Dead body?

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The Manhunt

every nerve in his body had tightened and closed.

Then, and only then, did I come close.

negative connotations

sexual connotations

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