The Manhunt

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  • The Manhunt
    • Summary
      • A woman's account of her attempts to console, heal and draw close to her husband after his traumatic experiences at war. She is trying to 'find' her husband again.
    • Language
      • War imagery/ metaphors describe his injuries and show that the war is part of who he is now. She has to overcome all of these to finally get him.
        • Tentative language-she has to be very careful and loving with him to heal him.
          • Repetition of 'only then' to show that this is a hard journey.
    • Structure
      • Each idea is contained in a couplet which links to their partnership. However, the rhymes are not always full meaning that there relationship is not complete.
        • The length of the poem reflects the long journey ahead.
    • Tone/Feelings/Wider Isues
      • There is a real sense that Laura wants to protect her husband. She is very patient and loving. Through this, Armitage delivers a political message about the impact of war on individuals


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