Poetry Across Time - Relationships - The Manhunt

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  • The Manhunt
    • 'After the first phase,// after passionate nights and intimate days
      • After the joys of being reunited
    • 'frozen river'
      • Is tense-is hiding something?
      • Can't see emotion
    • 'porcelain collar-bone'
      • Delicate and fragile
      • Like a war zone?
    • 'fractured rudder'
      • Damaged
    • 'struts', 'rungs'
      • Ladder-like she's climbing his ribs
    • 'foetus'
      • The emotional pain could develop and will never leave them
      • Come home injured and had a bullet somewhere OR is metaphorical and is meant to be where he is hurting
    • 'Then I widened the search'
      • She looked for the source of his pain and for him
      • Military term
    • 'Then, and only then, did I come close'
      • Finds how much he's hurting. Understands him
    • Military couple
      • He comes home and the wife has to find him again
    • Military lexis
      • 'parachute silk'
      • 'blown hinge'
      • Extended metaphor
    • By Simon Armitage
      • He went to Bosnia


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