maintenance of relationship

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  • the maintenance of romantic relationships
    • social exchange theory ( Thibaut and Kelly, 1959)
      • profit and loss- individuals attempt to maximune their rewards and minimise costs. people have the hope of earning a profit.
      • comparison level- a standard against which all relationships are judged. if a new relationship exceeds our CL it will be judged as worthwhile.
      • A02- profit and loss- explains why some women stay in abusive relationships. CL- how people deal with alternatives. limitations- focuses on selfish nature.
      • IDA- cultural bias- mogahaddam- such economic theories only apply to western relationships.
        • real world application- relationship therapy.
    • equity theory (Walster et al.. 1978)
      • inequity and distress- people strive to achieve fairness and feel distressed if they perceive unfairness. any kind of inequity can cause distress.
        • people who give a great deal and get little in return perceive inequity.
      • ratio of inputs and outputs- an equitable relationship should, according to the theory, be one where one partners benefits minus their costs equals their partners benefits less their costs.
      • A02- exchange and communal relationships- clark and mills. the role of relationship inequity in marital disruption. gender differences


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