Legalisation of Cannabis

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  • Legalisation of Cannabis
    • Pros
      • Used for medical treatment
        • Cancer patients- certain prescriptions
          • If you're going to die, why not?
      • Safer premis to take drugs
        • Government give out needles for heroin useres
          • Safe Houses
          • Reduces risk of AIDs and saves lives
      • People who rebel would get bored
        • School children
          • No longer illegal so no longer any fun
    • Cons
      • Over-prescribed
        • Type B- same as speed- we would never legalise speed
          • Schizophrenia & bi-polar disorder
        • The reasons for giving it would fluctuate in different places.
      • Gateway drug
        • Recent survey: If you start weed, you are more likely to take cocain in the future.
          • Legalising cannabis would lead to consuming harder drugs
        • I used to know a girl who took it and within a year she had already tried coke.
      • Economy dependant upon it
        • Amsterdam
          • Tourists would go there especially.


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