French As Vocab- Healthy Living/Lifestyle

healthy living/lifestyle- sport/exersise, health/well being, holidays

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La Drogue

abus (m) de drogue- drug abuse

accoutumance (f) a la drogue- drug habit

accro- hooked

battage (m)- hype

came/e- junkie

campagne (f) d'information- information campaign

cannabis (m)- cannabis

cocaine (f)- cocaine

colle (f)- glue

comateux/euse- comatose

consommateur/trice de drogue- drug-taker

crack (m)- crack

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dangerosite (f)- level of danger

dealer (m)- dealer

dependance (f) a- dependancy on

disponibilite (f)- availability

drogue (f) douce/dure- soft/hard drug

drogue/e- druggie

euphorie (f)- euphoria

experimentation (f)- experimentation

hallucination (f)- hallucination

heroine (f)- heroine

heroinemanie (f)- heroine addiction

lutte (f)- anti-drogue- battle against drugs

mefaits (mpl)- ill-effects

nocif/ve- harmful

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planer- to be high

prise (f)- seizure

repression (f) contre- crackdown on

saise (f)-haul

sequelles (fpl)- after-effects

seringue (f)- syringe

toxicomanie (f)- drug addiction

trafic(m) de la drogue- drug-trafficking

trafiquant (m)- drug smuggler

traitement (m)- treatment

usage (m) de la drogue- drug taker

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additif (m)- additive

aliments (mpl) dietetiques- health-foods

aliments (mpl) organiques- wholefoods

allege/e- low-fat

anorexie (f)- anorexia

biologique- organic

boulimie (f)- bulimia

calorie (f)

cholesrerol (m)- cholesterol

exces (m)- excess

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laitages (mpl) milk products

ligne (f)- figure

matiere (f) grasse- fat content

obese- obese

obsede/e- obsessed

restauration (f) rapide- fast food

sucreries (fpl)- sugary foods

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vitamine (f)- vitamin

manger plus sainement- to eat more healthily

grignoter entre les repas- eat between meals

se mettre au regime- to go on a diet

la valeur nutritive- nutritional value

riche/pauvre en calories/fibres- high/low calorie/fibre content

avoir une alimentation equilibree- to eat a balanced diet

se laisser mourrir de faim- to starve oneself

surveiller son poids- to be a weight watcher

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Le Tabac

fumeur/euse (m/f) invétéré- chain smoker

habitude (f)- habit

haleine (f)- breath

interdiction (f)- ban

lieu (m) public- public place

méfaits- ill-effects

néfaste- harmful

patch (M)- anti smoking patch

réguilèrement- regularly

tabagisme (m)- addiction to smoking

toux (f) de fumeur- smoker's cough

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se droguer- to take drugs

enrayer- to put a stop to

s'adonner a- to become addicted to

decrocher- to come off drugs

depenaliser- to decriminalise

desintoxiquer- to treat for drug addiction

s'injecter/ se piquer- to inject one self

degriser- to sober up

s'enivrer- to get drunk

s'evanouir- to blackout

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trembler- to have the shakes

eviter- to avoid

provoquer- to cause

haleter- to gasp for breath

inhaler- to inhale

supprimer- to ban

se passer de- to do without

gêner- to disturb

grossir- to put on weight/maigir- to lose weight

intoxiquer- to poison

sauter- to skip

diminuer- to cut down

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enfumer- to fill up with smoke

se peser- to weigh oneself

peser trop- to be over weight

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Les Drogues Licites

alcoolisme (m)- alcoholism

alcootest (m)- breathalyser

arroser- to celebrate with alcohol

avertissement (m)- warning

beuverie (f)- binge

cirrhose (f) du foie- cirrohosis of the liver

alcoolique- alcoholic

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altérer la santé- to impair your health

bronchite (f) chronique- chronic bronchitus

calmer les nerfs- to calm one's nerves

cancer (m) des poumons- lung cancer

cancérigène- carcinogènic

dépendant/e de- dependant upon

difficulté (f) respiratoire- breathing difficulties

espérance (f) de vie- life expectancy

évitable- avoidable

fumée (f) ambiante- passive smoking

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un drogue licite- legal drug

boire a l'exces- to drink excessively

buver/euse- drinker

canette (f)- bottle

ebriete- intoxication

excessif/ve- excessive

ivresse (f) drunkeness

regime (m) sec- alcohol-free diet

sobre- sober

taux (m) legal- legal limit

unite- unit

verre/boisson- drink

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Les Dangers De L'alcool

l'alcool au volant- drink driving

le taux d'alcoolemie- alcohol level in bloodstream

la consommation d'alcool par les mineurs- underage drinking

perdre tout controle de soi- to lose self-control

sous l'influence de l'alcool- to be under the influence of alcohol

la guele de bois- hangover

l'empoisonnement alcoolique- alcohol poisoning

cirrhose (f) du foie- cirrhosis of the liver

facilement disponible- readily available

avec moderation- in moderation

s'absentir de boire- to refrain from drink

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Amazing! :D

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This is incredibly useful for expanding my vocabulary for these topics. I think that there are spelling errors where there should be accents but other than that, it's fine! Thank you for uploading this resource!

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