The Kidneys

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  • The Kidneys
    • Functions
      • Reabsorptionof useful substances in the blood.
      • Regulation of blood water levels
      • Adjustement of ion levels in the blood
      • Excretion of urea which is toxic
    • Waste products
      • Carbon dioxide: produced by respiration and removed via the lungs.
      • Urea: produced by the liver by the breadkown of amino acids and removed by the kidneys in the urine.
    • Production of Urine
      • 1. First filtering the blood
      • 2. Reabsorbing all sugar
      • 3. Reabsorbing the dissolved ions needed by the body.
      • 4. reabsorbing as much water as the body needs.
      • 5. Releasing urea, water and excess ions as urine.
    • Role in Homeostasis
      • Filter the blood
      • Removing waste (urea, water and excess ions)
      • Regulating pH


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