The impact of WWII on young people

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  • The impact of WWII on young people
    • Schooling
      • Evacuated children had less schooling.
      • As the was lengthened, government re-opened schools but many teachers were conscripted.
      • Many schools closed in expectation of evacuation.
        • BUT only 50% of children and teachers actually evacuated.
      • Increase in vandalism and petty crimes - children were bored.
      • Poorer children suffered from lack of medical inspections and free schools meals.
    • Health
      • Children's health improved during WWII.
      • Rationing improved children's diets.
        • Children were given better ration allowances than adults.
      • Evacuated children generally better fed - access to fresh fruit and vegetables.
    • Longer term impact on evacuation
      • Appalling poverty, ill health, dreadful living conditions.
        • War exposed these problems of Britain.
      • During 1930s, large areas of Britain suffered from terrible unemployment - worldwide economic depression.
    • Three big questions for government
      • What is the scale of the problem?
      • What causes such social depression?
      • What shall we do about poverty?
    • Beliefs of Labour Party and other social campaigners
      • LP constantly argued child poverty, disease, slum housing, poor education, other social problems were major problems.
        • Constantly denied by Conservatives and Civil Service supported government's view.
      • LP and social campaigners argued government needed to do far more to tackle social problems.
    • Government action
      • At first, believed tackling issues wasn't necessary - problems exaggerated.
      • PM Churchill created a government of national unity when war began.
        • Involved all main parties.
      • Labour ministers supported war effort - demanded government look at social problems.
      • Churchill reluctantly agreed,
        • Needed support of Labour ministers for war effort.
      • Child poverty an issue government couldn't ignore.
      • Government bombarded with letters, reports, and recommendations.


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