the great depression

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  • The great depression.
    • causes of the great depression?
      • speculation
        • money was loaned by the banks (banks went bust)
        • prices fell so there was a rush to sell shares the stock markets fell.
      • trade
        • products form Europe (tariffs) where raised
        • war loans
      • over production
        • companies made more goods than they could sell
      • poverty
        • farmers (crops died)
    • consequences of the great depression
      • banks
        • banks invest there money
          • banks "failed"
          • they kept the money
          • no mortgages
      • government
        • refused to admit that there was a problem
        • "recovery is just around the corner"
        • the president  did nothing
      • Americans
        • farming
          • over farming
        • many became homeless because there was no mortgagees
          • soup kitchens
          • towns were dirty
        • there was a drought ("dust bowl")


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