Of Mice And Men: Context

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  • Context
    • 'The Great Depression'
      • Economic Decline
      • 1930 - 1936
      • 1/3 of America unemployed
      • American's fled to California in search of the 'American Dream' of owning a ranch and living of the land
      • People could no longer afford to pay rent
      • There was no Dole for people to fall back on
    • Migrant Farmers
      • Farmers dreamed of owning their own land
      • Farmers lives were made worse by the economic decline that followed WW1
      • Stock Market crash in 1929 made life difficult for worker
      • Bad weather left droughts failed harvests and dried up land
      • Refuge set up camp in california valleys due to being turned away from California in fear of being overrun
    • John Steinbeck
      • Born in 1902 Salinas California
      • As a teenager, he helped out on neighbouring ranches
      • He used personal experiences to influence novel
  • Of Mice And Men


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