The Goodness of God

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  • The Goodness of God
    • Is God good?
      • Augustine
        • Evil is a lack of something, God doesn't lack anything so he is perfect
      • God's goodness is shown through the Bible
      • Why is there evil in the world if God is good?
        • Inconsistent triad
      • Genesis 1-3
        • His goodness is shown through the creation stories
      • God intervenes in the world
      • Shown through miracles
        • Healing the sick
        • Support in battles
        • Raising people from the dead
      • Good is a human term, God isn't human
    • The Euthyphro Dilemma
      • Does God love good actions
      • If God commanded murder is it still wrong?
      • In the Bible God commands what is good
      • Socrates asked how goodness is defined
      • God tells Abraham to sacrifice his son, is this right because God told him too?
    • The New Testament
      • God sent his Son as an innocent sacrifice for the sins of mankind
      • Jesus preached repentance and forgiveness of sins
      • Shown through healing as in ancient times illness was linked to wrong doing
      • Jesus is God incarnate and His death and revelation are the ultimate example of Gods love.
      • God goodness is shown through the actions of Jesus
    • Can seem bad
      • Noah's flood - killed the entire population apart from one family
      • Abraham was tested and told to sacrifice his son
      • Benevolent dictator
      • Joshua 10 - God shows favoritism towards Joshua
      • Fletcher
        • Justice and agape are the same - when God acts bad it's for love
    • God in the Bible and the Form of the Good
      • God acts morally in our world
      • Both are sources of goodness
      • Both are physical and transcendent
      • The form of the good is the source of all other forms


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