Goodness of God

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  • Goodness of God
    • Good as good in the Bible is v diff  to that of platonic thought
      • In Bible
        • God's actions are good
        • God is good
      • Plato
        • Plato's form of the good and God are both sources of goodness
          • Forms are immaterial just as God is transcendent
            • Forms do not act in the physical world whereas God does.. creation
    • Creation
      • Goodness visible in creating and sustaining world
      • Beyond human understanding
      • Acts for the benefit of humanity
        • Healing miracles, e.g.
    • Jesus
      • Clearly reveals the goodness of God
      • made flesh (incarnate)
    • Criticisms
      • Evil and suffering
      • cant be empirically proved if haven't experienced miracles
    • Anthropomorphic
      • God is good and interacts in the world, not literal concepts
    • Euthyphro Dilemma
      • What makes an action good?
        • God commands it
          • God as a divine dictator
        • God commands what is good
          • Good as an independent standard
            • Doesn't fit with Christian view of God because God IS goodness
      • Plato
    • 10 Commandments
      • set standards of moral R/W's
      • lead good life
      • Duty of people to obey the commandments
      • Commands make God's actions good
      • Part of Israeli covenant


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