The Goodness of God

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  • The Goodness of God
    • Does God command things because they are good, or are things good because God commands them
      • Divine Dictator
      • If God commands what is good, then goodness doesn't originate from God - he merely enforces goodness
      • Omni benevolent
      • He is described to be "good" and all his actions to be "good"
      • Augustine: God is perfection and therefore lacks nothing, evil is lack of good, therefore God cannotbe evil
      • Some things are intrinsically good
      • Euthyphro dilemma - incompatible perfection of God and what he commands
        • '**** is not wrong', then there is nothing morally wrong with **** - God is a divine dictator
    • How is the God of the Bible seen as morally perfect and the source of human ethics?
      • We don't understand God
      • 10 Commandments, he is a good God because he cares for his people and therefore gives them a moral guide by which to live by
      • Abraham's atempt to sacrifice Isaac, this demonstrates a God who tests his creation and judges and is jealous
      • A God  with favourites - Calvin's idea of pre-destination
      • Though "his people" fail him, he never abandons them
    • The concept of God as lawgiver and judge
      • transcendent "good" God
      • Decalouge  are laws
      • Judgementsday, he will judge those who will be saved or will perish in hell
    • Problems:
      • Evil and suffering in the world
      • Only intervenes in the world at certain times - favouritism
      • Vengeful God
      • God is not a physical being ; the way we see God as "good" is limited
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