Resistance - The Germans quotes

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    • Steiner
      • "Young...he'd held up well"
        • Strong character
        • Hasn't matured, but grown up fighting
    • Sebald
      • "He'd been with the company much longer
        • Balances out the youth of Steiner
        • Wise due to experiences in the war
        • Trusted
    • Alex
      • "A keystone man...a foundation stone"
        • Emotionally strong
        • Trusted and reliable
    • Otto
      • "Unlike most of the company, he was standing, rifle slung over his shoulder"
        • Alert
        • The war is always with him and has affected him
    • Gernot
      • "And now he was here laughing"
        • Can split his emotions
        • War doesn't affect him, he can still be 'laughing'
        • Will be able to cheer up the patrol
        • Counteracts Otto's silence


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