Korean War

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  • The End of the Korean war
    • Peace talks began in June 1951 but were unable to find a solution acceptable to all sides
    • In 1953 a change in leadership in both sides offered the opportunity for an end to the war
    • Dwight D. Eisenhower succeeded Truman and Stalin died leaving Nikitta Krushchev in control.
    • The new leader sought peace and a ceasefire was agreed at Panmujom in July 1953.
    • Eisenhowers threat to use atomc weapons probably help speed thing up
    • Although a peace treaty was never signed the agreement saw the creation of a permanent border slightly North of the Parallell and a demilitarised zone
    • Results of the war
      • Over two million people had died
      • Containment had worked communism had not spread
      • The relationship between North and South korea reamained bitter
      • Us and china relations got worse
      • the usa invested in japan to keep it away from communism
      • the Usa signed agreements with Pillipenes, australia and new Zealand


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