The elderly and death

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  • The Elderly and Death
    • Importance of the elderly
      • Ageism: Discrimation against someone because of their age.
        • Sanctity of life: Christian idea that all life is sacred because god gave it all life is of equal worth including people with illness or disability
          • Sheltered accommodation: Housing that has a warden who checks on the residents. Has a doctor and communal room nearby.
      • Care home: Place to live with tranied staff and family can visit
        • Retirement: stopping working after a life of paying taxes
      • Old age: old=65+ people who get state pension, heating allowance etc. Often feel side-lined and lonely suffer with ill health and poverty
        • Quality of life: How good someones life is e.g. how comfortable they aee how easy it is for tem to live how much wealth they have
      • Pension: Money paid to old people by the government to ensure they can survive without suffering
    • Ending Life
      • Euthanasia: Helping someone to die who is terminaly ill or has a poor quality of life. Illegal in the U.K. doctors still switch off life support machines if there is no brain activity. Usually done out of compassion. Some people think is should be legal.
        • Hospice: Homes for the dying. Peoplego there to die in nicer surroundings and with more dignity or gives patients family a break.Started by christians. Aim is to relieve suffering and provide emotional and spiritual support.
      • Hippocratic oath: The promise all doctors take when they begin in medicine. They promise to do anything to keep people alive.
      • Life-support machine: machine that helps people stay alive when their body can not do it by itself. Not mentioned in the bible or by buddha
        • Palliative care: Care that relieves pain as the illness cannot be treated.
        • Terminal illness: When the patient will never get better
      • Tony Bland: case study for life support machine - doctors turnt off life support machine after the hillsborough disaster because he had no brain activity.
    • Death and the After life
      • Heaven: a place christians think good people go to spend eternity with god, some say physicalplace others sy absence of suffering
      • Hell: Christians think bad people go. Linked to the devil and absence of god. Some say god is so forgiving no one goes there
        • Purgatory: Catholics believe in a place called purgatory, a place between heaven and hell where they wait to become spiritually clean for heaven - may need to pay for their sins and repent so they're forgiven
          • Self determination: Arguement that you should be able to choose when you die yourself.
      • Life after death (buddhist): rebirth after death. Person will be reborn continually until they reach enlightenment. what they are reborn as depends on karma they earned during life
        • Life after death (christian): Ressurection of the body. Body waits until judgement day before going to heaven or hell.
          • Repentance: being truly sorry and making peace with god.


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