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  • topic 2- elderly and death
    • death
      • the end of life, which can be determined in several ways, but normally when the brain stops functioning
    • heaven
      • a state of being with god after death
    • hell
      • a state of being without god (with the devil) after death
    • purgatory
      • a time of spiritual cleansing and preparation for heaven
    • reincarnation
      • being born again in another form
    • re birth
      • continuing life in another form
    • ageism
      • prejudice and discrimination against the elderly
    • euthanasia
      • inducing a painless death by agreement and with compassion to ease suffering
    • life support machine
      • a machine that keeps people alive when they would die otherwise
    • mourning
      • a period of time which signs of grief are shown
    • hospice
      • a special place which people go to die with dignity


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