Richard III: The Crisis of 1483, Protecter?

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  • The crisis of 1483: Protecter?
    • The crisis emerged partly because Edward V was just twelve years old.
    • If Edward V was just four years older he could have ruled independantly of any guardians.
      • Five years older and everyone would have agreed the need for a protector in the shape of the King's closest male relative. In this case, it would be Richard, Duke of Gloucester.
      • At twelve, Edward V was between the two.
    • Elizabeth Woodville put forward that Edward V was an 'intelligent child' who could rule through a council of nobles
      • On the other hand, Lord Hastings (one of Edward IV's most powerful councillors) claimed that the minority council should be established under Richard, Duke of Gloucester.
        • Lord Hastings said Richard, Duke of Gloucester should be king and not the Queen.


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