The Context of Political Participation 

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  • The Context of Political Participation
    • Homogeneity
      • The view that people with in a country share key values.
      • A sense of togetherness that transcends what divides them.
      • Example: Monarchy as Head of State, NHS and Welfare State, woman's right to an abortion.
    • Consensus
      • Where citizens accept the 'basic rules of the game'.
        • Rules include need for tolerance and pragmatism.
      • Example: Post War Consensus
        • NHS, welfare state, nationalisation of industries and public utilities, NI reforms (1946), full employment, nuclear weapons.
  • Development of media has demystified government.
    • Currently hundreds of civil servants in Whitehall whose job are linked into the technological revolution - BBC 2010
    • UK Government most transparent in the world 2014- World Wide Web Foundation 2010


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