The Conquest of Britain AD 43-142

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  • The Conquest of Britain AD43-142
    • 142AD- Emperor Antoninus Pius built the Antonine Wall (turf and timber)
    • The Claudian Invasion
      • Tacitus included a contemporary account of the invasion
      • Dio Cassius wrote around 160 years later- but had access to the original records so likely to be reliable
        • Tacitus included a contemporary account of the invasion
      • Reasons for invasion
        • 1. support a client King- Verica (a King of the Atrebates)
        • 2. Claudius came to power after Caligula- needed to prove himself (following in the footsteps of Julius Caesar)
        • 3. Conquest meant more land and people to be exploited- Romans also felt they were doing the Britains a favor
    • Britain AD43
      • Caesar said in his writings of 55BC that the closer the tribe was to the Roman Empire the more Romanized they were
      • soldiers refused to board the ships because they were heading into the unknown
      • Landings were either at Richborough (Kent) or Fishbourne  (Sussex)
        • Richborough- main route to the Thames and later Claudian  buildings
        • Fishbourne- Offered the security of  a pro-roman tribal area
      • Triumphed after the fall of the Catuvellaunian  Opidum Camulodunum
    • 43AD- 60AD
      • 17 years- taken the troops north, west and south
      • The 2nd Augusta is the best documented legion led by Vespasian
        • supported by a fleet they took a number of Hill forts in Dorset including Maiden Castle
        • A tombs stone has been excavated in Alcester in Oxfordshire- has revealed an inscription of a veteran suggesting it operated much further north than thought
      • The Fosse Way was built from Exeter to Lincolnshire
        • provided good communication and may have constituted as a frontier- but not certain.
        • Not fortified but military posts were scattered along it
      • 1X Legion had reached Lincoln and the X1V Gemina was heading for wales
      • Road network was fanning out from London, which was becoming important for trade
      • The Roman Navy controlled the coastline
      • By AD 47 much or Britain had capitulated give the romans vital allies
        • Togidubnus- inscription from Chichester locates him there


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