The City Planners

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  • The City Planners
    • Theme
      • A Neighbourhood
      • The persona  is cruising through a residential area on a Sunday in August at midday and there is no sight of anyone on the street.
    • Imagery
      • Nature
      • The persona is implying that nature will take back what was once hers in the sense that the city planers destroy her territory.
        • A plastic hose poised in a vicious coil. Gives the image on a snake in our mind which i giving life to nature to something that isnt alive.
        • It also gives imagery that this residential area is rebuking and getting mad at any imperfections it finds
    • Tone
      • Negative
      • The persona is disgusted by the perfection of the neighborhood and how everything looks unnatural it offends her.
    • Structure
      • There are 6 stanzas in this poem and they are not the same shape and there is a run on line from one of the stanzas to an other


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