The Planners   Boey Kim Cheng

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  • The Planners   Boey Kim Cheng
    • Language
      • Impersonal, anonamous pronouns - "They".
        • Contrasts heavily with "poetry"
          • Expressive and personal
      • "Gridded" and"points"
        • Very mathematicaland precise.
          • "Grace of mathematics" uses juxtaposition.
      • "Sea draws back" and "skies surrender"
        • Even the elements are surrendering to "The Planners".
        • Almost God-like
      • Dental / Cosemtic words
        • "Shining teeth"
        • "Dental dexteritiy"
          • Alliteration - connects words and emphasises.
        • "gold"
      • "Heart would not bleed poetry".
        • Planners have made it so unatural he can't even bleed
      • "History is new again".
        • Oxymoronic
        • Wiping away the memory of the past
          • "Anaesthesia, amnesia, hypnosis"
            • Controlling people
            • Stages in control.
          • "Drilling goes right through the fossils of last century"
      • "Past tomorrow" is oxymoronic
        • Suggests we are already living in the future.
    • Rhyme
      • Irregular rhyme scheme.
        • Poet wantes things to be irregular and natural.
    • Structure
      • No identation at all,
        • Exemplify accuracy and the level of perfection we find in progress.
        • Suggests the boredom of having the same structure, thinking that it's perfect.


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