circulatory system

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  • The Cicrulatory System
    • Heart
      • Double Circulation
        • Blood flows through heart twice in one circuit of body. Right side pumps to lungs - Left side to rest of body.
      • 4 Chambers
        • Right Atrium, Right Ventricle, Left Atrium, Left Ventricle
    • Blood Vessels
      • Arteries
        • Carry blood away from heart, blood under high pressure, thick walls, oxygenated blood
      • Veins
        • Carry blood into heart, have valves to prevent backflow, thin walls, deoxygenated blood
      • Capillaries
        • thin walls - only one cell thick, permeable, allows for diffusion of materials into and out of them
    • Blood
      • White Blood Cells
        • Fight against disease
      • Red Blood Cells
        • Transport O2
      • Platelets
        • Cause blood to clot
      • Plasma
        • liquid part -transports digested food, CO2, hormones, urea.
    • Heart Disease
      • Heart Attack
        • blockage of coronary artery - less O2 and glucose to heart muscle so unable to respire and die
      • Stroke
        • Blockage of artery to brain - less O2 and glucose to brain cells so unable to respire and die


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