The Cardiovascular System

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  • Cardiovascular System
    • the body system that refers to the respiratory and circulatory system working together
    • Cardiovascular endurance is... the ability of the heart and lungs to keep supplying oxygen to the blood stream to the body in order to provide the energy to sustain physical movement
      • To improve your cardiovascular endurance you must keep your heart rate at a higher level for longer periods of time
        • Benefits of improved cardiovascular system ·               The heart becomes more efficient ·               Diaphragm grows stronger ·               Decreasing body fat ·               Reduces risk of heart disease ·               Arteries grow larger
      • You should aim to work within the aerobic zone and training zone for at least 15 minutes to gain full benefits
      • You can check your levels of cardiovascular endurance by...
        • RESTING HEAR RATE - the lower the better
        • PULSE RATE RECOVERY - the quicker the better


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