The Black Death

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  • The Black Death
    • Pneumonic Plague
      • Attacks lungs - severe breathing problems then cough up blood
      • More rapid deaths
      • Spread by germs in the air from person to person
    • How was it spread?
      • Fleas on rats - bubonic
      • Germs in the air from person to person - pneumonic
    • Bubonic Plague
      • Painful swellings (buboes)  in armpits and groin and small blisters all over
      • Headaches, unconsciousness and fevers
      • Spread by fleas
    • What did the people think caused it?
      • Miasma - 'bad air' which smelt bad
      • Movement of planets
      • Gods and devils
      • Invisible poisons in the air
      • Humours not balanced
    • Where?
      • In 1348 a ship brought it to England
      • Through trading ships from the Mediterranean to Europe
    • When?
      • In the 14th century (late)
      • From approx. 1348 to the end of the 14th century


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