Ted Hughes - 'The Bee God'

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  • The Bee God
    • Circular structure- mention of "well" at beginning and end, linked with father. Well image represents darkness and being trapped, with structure represents that Plath's torment from father was all encompassing, she was trapped in it, it always came back round.
    • 25 couplet stanzas, although there is some uniformity it feels as if thoughts have dispersed into small pieces due to feeling of incompleteness at loss of Plath.
      • Could also represent Plath's fragile mental state due to loss of father
    • Free verse allows for more spontaneous, conversational tone, as if speaking to Plath through direct address.
    • Continues use of 'Daddy' - this innocent and childlike word enhances the feeling that Plath's problems with her father started when she was very young and have been psychologically damaging. It clearly leaked into the relationship.
    • Plath's father as 'God' - suggests the omnipresent power of Father's memory.
      • Also that Plath somehow worshipped her father, a kind of religion?


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