Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes A03 Critics

Critical opinions to cover the A03 strand of assessment.

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Stephen Gould Axelrod - Plath

Plath's poems contain "exposure of material meant to be taken as personal."

"Plath's poems seethe with anger, hope, desire and disappointment."

Plath is able to "construct breathtaking images of the injured body and psyche."

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Lynda K. Bundtzen - Plath

"Readers seldom feel...that ''Daddy" achieves resolution or closure."

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Dianne Middlebrook - Plath

"Tulips rejects the burden of intimacy, of the family."

"A new serge of creatiev energy was released in each of them [Plath and Hughes] by observing Frieda's development."

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Ted Hughes - Hughes

Finding a poem was very much like catching an animal.

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Chen Hong - Hughes

'The Thought Fox' is "magically holding three animals in one: the biological, the symbolic and the textual."

"Imitation of the fox's alertness is evident through the hesitant rhythm."

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