The arrangement of electrons in atoms

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  • The arrangement of electrons in atoms
    • Each electron in an atom is in an energy level
      • Energy levels can be represented as shells, with electrons in the lowest energy level closest to the nucleus
    • The lowest energy level or first shell can hold two electrons, and the second energy level can hold eight
      • Electrons occupy the lowest possible energy levels
      • The electronic structure of neon with 10 electrons is 2,8 and sodium with 11 electrons has the electronic structure 2,8,1
    • Elements in the same group of the periodic table have the same number of electrons in their highest energy level, e.g. group 1 elements have one electron in their highest energy level
    • Group 1 elements include lithium, sodium and potassium
      • These elements react quickly with water and with oxygen
    • The atoms of the unreactive noble gases (in group 0) all have very stable arrangements of electrons


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