Atomic Structure

What's inside of an atom?

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  • Atomic structure
    • Protons
      • Positively charged
      • Equal  to the number of electrons
      • The atomic number
        • The number of protons in an atom
        • Atoms are arranged in order of their atomic number in the periodic table.
    • Neutrons
      • Neutral, they have no charge.
      • Added together with the number of protons to make the mass number.
    • The nucleus
      • Made up of  protons and neutrons.
      • In the middle of an atom
    • Electrons
      • Negatively charged
      • On the outer shells of the atom.
        • Two electrons on the innermost shell
        • Upto 8 electrons on each of the outer shells
        • The more  electrons on the outside shell, the more stable the atom is.


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