The Woman in Black Chapter Summary 5-8

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  • The Woman in Black chapter summery 5-8
    • Chapter 5
      • A man named Keckwick is going to take Arthur up to Eel Marsh House.
      • Because there is only one road to the house and gets blocked by the tide by 5 Keckwick is going to give him new cloathes and food so he can finish his work overnight.
      • Arthur takes his time to look around the house to check out the burial ground.
      • So when Kipps walks round he sees the woman in black again.
      • He runs to her but she had vanished
      • When he enters the house he is not reassured because it is a big creppy house.
      • He starts to think the woman might me otherworld like but he still doesn't believe in ghosts.
      • he starts to walk across the causeway because Keckwick will be coming soon.
    • Chapter 6
      • A sea fret descends and Kipps decides to return to the safety of Eel Marsh House.
      • He hears a cry of a child and the sinking of a pony and trap in the quicksand. He assumes they where with Keckwick.
      • Kipps is helpless and once more returns to the house terrified
      • Forfeited by brandy, he explores the house and finds a locked door with no keyhole.
      • He falls asleep on the sofa and is awakened be Keckwick at 2am.
      • They return to Griffin Arms where Kipps relives the nightmare, dreaming of the woman in black.
    • Chapter 7
      • Kipps decides to stay in crythin Gifford and complete hi task.
      • Then he goes and sees Mr Jerome, Mrs Drablows land agent, to ask for help sorting out her papers and possessions
      • He learns that know one will dare to help out.
      • Mr Jerome is visibly scared when Kipps tells him of the second sighting of the woman in black
      • Kipps accepts that the house is haunted but he is determined to complete his work.
    • Chapter 8
      • Kipps decides to spens 2 nights at Eels Marsh House to complete his business.
      • He goes to dinner at Mr Dailys house
      • Daily fails to persuade him to stay at the house and lend him spider the dog for protection and companionship.
        • Spider is a dog that stays with Kipps for the rest of the story.


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