Themes in Of Mice and Men

a table with a brief look at how each character fits with the themes in of mice and men

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Themes and
Loneliness/ isolation Dreams/hope Friendship/dependenc Animals /Nature violence discrimination Reputation/status
George Does not experience Share dream with Friendship with Lennie, Not directly
much; has Lennie, Lennie; centre of Lennie more involved, but part
however sometimes relationship, holds dependant, but of violence in
Lennie is not as good them together. George still needs him. trying to protect
a companion as Tells story;p.15, Kills him; p.105 Lennie.
George would like. p.58, p.103 Curley threatens;
Rants at him;p.12 p.26-7
Curley fights; p.63
Lennie Thinks George is Shares dream with Completely dependent Often described Hates violence; Discriminated
everything and is George, truly on George to tell him as dog, bear, scares him, but against due to being
consequently not believes it. what to do (copies him bull etc. strong, becomes involved mentally slow.
lonely. Tells story;p.15, in everything) obedient through Curley's Dum-dum; p.78
I got you and you got p.58, p.103 Boss; 24-5 Chapter 1 and 2 jealousy.
me; p. 15 Curley; p.26-7 mostly Curley threatens;
Curley fights; p.63
Curley Lonely despite being Wanted to be a None ­ lonely Called a rat and Fights and Married his wife
married, spends his boxer a fish in chapter threatens Lennie to recover his
time looking for his Handy; p.27 3 threatens; p.26-7 reputation after
wife. P.63 fights; p.63 failing in his
Chapter 2 dream, wears

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Curley' Wanders all over the Was "gonna be in No friends Causes violence Discriminated Curley's status
s wife ranch looking for the movies" or so through flirting against as a woman/ symbol
someone to talk to, she naively with the other Curley's possession
dresses up for thought, but never guys on the ranch Few talk to her
attention was. p. 62 p.86
p. 32 p. 87
Candy Has his dog (like Share The dream With his dog (many Discriminated
Lennie/George) but p.…read more



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