The Waltz

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  • The Waltz
    • Metre, Rhythm and Tempo
      • 3/4 Time
      • Um-cha-cha accompaniment
      • Accented bass note on the 'um'
      • Chords on the 'cha's
      • The second beat is often anticipated
      • Temp is fast (70 dotted minims per minute)
      • Rubato is used
    • Melody
      • 4 bar balanced phrases
      • Smooth and Flowing
    • Structure
      • Binary Form (AABB)
      • Longer Waltzes are formed from sequences of waltzes joined together with an introduction.
    • Instru-mentation
      • Written for orchestra
      • Written often for 19th Century ballets and operas.
      • Written on piano for concert performances
    • Key Facts
      • Era of Origin : Late 18th Century
      • Place of Origin : Vienna (Austria)
      • Famous Composers : Struass, Tchaikovsky and Josef Lanner
      • Dance Steps : Its a paired dance, with a ballroom hold. Couples circle the room in repeated sequences of three steps.


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