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  • Waltz
    • Origins
      • Austria, Vienna.
      • The first waltzes were written in the 1790s.
      • One of the most popular dances of the 19th Century.
      • Spread to Europe and North America.
      • Romantic period.
    • Rhythm & Chords
      • Triple metre - 3/4.
      • Viennese waltzes are quite fast - 10 dotted minim beats a minute.
      • 'Oom cha cha' is emphasised in the accompanying chords.
      • Rubato can be used.
      • Homophonic texture.
      • Primary chords - I, IV, V.
      • Slow harmonic rhythm - chords change slowly.
      • Appoggiaturas and chromatic notes are used to liven up the tune,
    • Structure
      • Binary form
        • Pairs of waltzes were grouped together to make ternary form pieces.
      • Slow introduction - Five or more waltz tunes - A Coda
    • Other
      • Viennese waltzes were played by big orchestras.
      • Lots of brass and woodwind instruments.
      • Big variety of percussion - timpani, snare drum, tambourine etc.
      • Johann Strauss the Elder and Johann, Josef and Eduard.


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