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  • the UK's role in key international organisations
    • organisation
      • UN
        • Replaced the league of Nations post WWII with the aim of preventing further wars
          • the United Kingdom is one of five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council.
            • The United Kingdom's position as a founding member gives it a central voice in the decision making process within the UN
              • the United Kingdom has the power to veto most resolutions put forward
      • Nato
        • the north atlantic treaty organisation is a collective defensive system for countries to protect eachother
          • the UK attend 2 plenary sessions of the assembly in autumn and spring where many debates take place
            • the UK should spend 2% of its GDP on defence
      • The Council of Europe
        • An Organisation founded to uphold human rights, the rule of law and democracy.
          • there are 47 member states including the UK
            • the UK was on of the founding member of the Council,which was founded in London 1949.
      • Commonwealth
        • Former countries of the British Empire with a collective interest in trade,democracy and other shared values
          • The head of the commonwealth is the British monarch (Queen Elizabeth II)
            • The Common wealth was formed in the first half of the 20th century
      • World Trade Organisation
        • deals with rules of global trade and mediates disputes between member countries
          • the UK is able to solve disputes and broker deals  this is all done so people can trade peacefully
            • decisions are made every 2 years
    • The UK's role in international conflict  resolution
      • use of Force
        • Most of the actions of British armed forces have involved working with others in alliances under the control of EU,Nato and UN.
          • Gain the approval of commons before they go e.g Kosovo 1948-2008
      • sanctions
        • The UK government has a range of sanctions against arms embargo's ,trade control restrictions. (Controlled by EU,NATO and UN)
      • aid
        • Helping countries in war or natural disasters. (humanitarian) is help given for food,shelter or medical help.
          • the Red Cross help Syrian people. 13.3 million food rations given and 400,000 sheltered
      • Mediation
        • This is a process of involving out-sliders in a conversation to end an argument between two parties
          • The UK has been involved in numerous mediation attempts to resolve disputes and conflicts by seeking a peaceful resoloution
            • For example, there was trouble in NI between people who wanted to remain in the UK (Good Friday agreement)
      • not just the UK is involved companies in the UK can be
        • the Red Cross help Syrian people. 13.3 million food rations given and 400,000 sheltered


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