Key theme - The supernatural

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  • The Supernatural
    • The Witches are a supernatural force
      • The Witches are an evil supernatural force - their "strange intelligence" and ability to predict the future gives them power over humans.
      • They're not in many scenes of the play but they drive the action of the play. It's unlikely that M would have done the terrible actions without them.
      • The witches are associated with chaos - they try to impose an unnatural order on what is good and natural.
        • They are motivated by "destruction" and tghey represent the struggle between natural and unnatural order.
      • Shakespeare presents them as completely evil. They are cruel, inhuman and don't show any remorse - in fact they celebrate evil.
    • Visions are supernatural signs of guilt
      • M + LM have visions which remind the audience of their terrible guilt.
        • M sees a vision of a dagger and Banquo's ghost. LM has a vision of blood on her hands.
      • The visions are ambiguous - they could be real or imaginary.
      • The visions fill the characters who see them with fear.
      • LM's language when she sleepwalks is desperate, which shows that she is disturbed by her vision.


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