The Prelude: Stealing the Boat

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  • The Prelude: Stealing the Boat
    • Form
      • First person narrative.
      • Describes turning point in poets life
      • Uses blank verse (un-rhymed verse in Iambic Pentameter
      • Poem needs to sound serious and important.
      • Regular rhythm helps it sound like natural speech.
    • Structure
      • Three Main Sections
        • 1. Tone is fairly light and carefree.
        • 2. Distinct change when the mountain appears. Tone becomes darker and more fearful.
        • 3. Narrator reflects on how the experience has changed him.
    • Beautiful Language
      • Poem begins with a series of pretty, pastoral images of nature.
    • Confident Language
      • Narrator appears sure of himself at first.
        • almost arrogant in his view of himself and his place in the world
    • Dramatic Language
      • Initial glimpse of threatening language becomes more intense after the mountain has appeared.
      • Narrator comes to terms with how powerful nature really is.
    • Fearful Language
      • Narrator is far less confident at the end of the extract.
      • Troubled by 'huge and mighty forms' of the nature he's seen.
      • Experience has a haunting effect on him.


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