the prelude stealing the boat

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  • The prelude. Stealing the Boat
    • William Wordsworth
      • from the lake district inspired by natural world
      • the most famous romantic poet
        • typical of romantic poets, he explores the connection between nature and humans
    • Structure & Form
      • uses blank verse
        • sounds serious and imortant
      • iambic pentameter  mirrors his heartbeat
    • beautiful language about nature
      • opening line
        • "One summer evening"
          • sets a warm and relaxed tone
      • Sibilance and assonance
        • "leaving behind her still, on either side, small circles glittering idly in the moon"
        • calm, soothing tone reflecting calm movement of boat
    • pride
      • "proud of his skill" and "unswerving"
        • hes assertive and arrogant
      • "heaving through the water like a swan"
        • a swan is a majestic creature but can be dangerous
          • foreshadowing
    • power of nature
      • personification of mountain
        • "upreaed its head"
          • ugly image contrast with previous language
        • "strode at me"
          • the mountain is calm and in control
      • repetition
        • "the horizons bound, a huge peak, black and huge
          • "huge" emphasises danger
    • Fear
      • "I struck and struck again, growing still in nature"
        • he rows away from the mountain but it gets more in view
          • sounds like a nightmare


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