9. The political campaign for women in the USA (1865-1960) - New Deal

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  • The political campaign for women in the USA (1865-1960) - New Deal
    • Brought women into government largely because social reform was thought an appropriate sphere for them.
    • Eleanor Roosevelt pushed for more women in public office
    • Most significant appointment was Frances Perkins as Secretary for Labor and member of cabinet
    • Women significantly represented in expanded government agencies of New Deal
    • Federal agencies largely run by men
    • Political rights did not translate into being able to achieve social justice in New Deal legislation which discriminated against mothers and married women in effort to boost employment for men.
    • AA women suffered from racial discrimination and social security in South
    • Built-in inequality in pensions
      • As much New Deal social legislation rested on assumption men worked and women looked after them and home
    • No attempt in legislation to secure equal wages
    • Inequalities accepted by influential women on advisory boards in New Deal
    • Desire for equal rights expressed by more radical National Women's Party - they had limited influence
    • Huge gap between implications of equality in 19th Amendment and actual degree of equality


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