The Paschal Controversy- Outline

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  • The Paschal Controversy.
    • The Easter Tridumm.
      • Recalls Passion, Death and Resurection.
      • Most Important period in the Ecclestical Year.
      • Calebrates fundamental Church doctrine.
      • This date depemds the dates of the Passion and Ascension.
      • POPE LEO- 'Feast of Feasts'.
      • BRADLEY AND WALSH- 'A sign of disunity if uniformity is not achieved'.
      • Celbrates the lynchpin of Christian fath.
    • The Problem of Dates.
      • Firstly efforts were made to show condersation for the Jewish Lunar Calander.
        • Jewish Passover- 14'the day of Nissan.
        • Jesus Death- 15th day of Nissan.
        • Reurrection- 17th day of Nissan.
        • Problem- Easter was not always a Sunday
          • From approx 200 onwards Easter was celebrated on the Sunday that followed the 14th day of Nissan.
      • Quatrodecimans
        • Continued to celebrate Easter according to the Jewish Lunar year.
        • Heratics.
      • Council of Arles in 314- Easter must be celebrated on the same day at the same time throughout the world.
      • Council of Nicea in 325- Easter must be celebrated on a Sunday but never the same Sunday as the Jewish Passover meal.
    • Different Cycles.
      • Computists.
        • 16 year Cycle- Roman and Imperfect.
        • 84 year Cycle- Quickly became defunct.
        • Dionysuis Cycle- 525- Easter would follow the first Sunday after the first full moon following the spring Equinox. (March 22nd to April 25th)
          • Accepted Everywhere, except Irish Monasteries.
            • Celtic 84- Slight variation Calculate of the 84 year cycle


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