The Odyssey B5 theme quotes

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  • The Odyssey B5
    • nostos
      • "Nevertheless long to reach my home and see the day of my return."- Odysseus denying Calypso's offer of immortality
    • memory/grief
      • "he was sitting disconsolate on the shore in his accustomed place, tormenting himself with tears and sighs and heartache, and looking across the barren sea with streaming eyes"
    • vivid discription
      • "it was indeed a spot where even an immortal visitor must pause to gaze in wonder and delight." - vivid description of ogyia
      • "great axe of bronze. Its double blade was sharp..."
      • "pieces of skin stripped from his sturdy hands were left sticking to the crag, like the pebbles that stick to the suckers of a squid when it is torn from its lair."
    • kleos
      • "lion-hearted Odysseus"
      • "son of Laertes. favourite of Zeus, ingenious Odysseus"- unusual heroic quality
      • cunning building the raft- "this too he skillfully made"
      • "If only I too could have met my fate and died that day the Trojan hordes let fly at me with their bronze spears" - Odysseus lac of kleos wishing a noble death rather than his return homr
    • divine intervention/ fate
      • "At this point Athene, daughter of Zeus, decided to intervene"
      • "He roused up the stormy blasts of every wind that blows." - Poseiden creates the storm to hinder Odysseus
      • "with its divine protection you need not be afraid of injury or death." - Ino saving Odysseus and advising him to the Phaecian island
      • "he is destined to see his friends and come to his high-roofed house and native land once more"
      • "did you not plan this all yourself? was it not your idea that Odysseus should return to take revenge on these men?" - Zeus questioning Athene's rationality with her mission with Odysseus


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