The New Deal Successes and Failures

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  • The New Deal and Second New Deal
    • Successes
      • Alphabet Agencies
        • Agricultural Adjustment Act - Help farmers
        • National Industrial Recovery Act - Tackle problems in industry
        • Federal Emergency Relief Administration - Help the unemployed
        • Economy Act - Save money
        • Beer and Wine Revenue Act - Raise funds
        • Social Security Act - Benefits for unemployed, dependent children and elderly
        • National Labor Relations Act - Restraints on employers  to protect workers
        • Second Agricultural Adjustment Act - Help farmers
        • U.S. Housing Authority - Tear down slums and build better housing
      • It restored the faith of the American people in their government
      • The New Deal created millions of jobs using government money, 'priming the pump'
      • It handled billions of dollars without corruption
      • It was successful at bringing the USA out of The Great Depression
      • He managed to use fireside chats to directly send messages to the American people
    • Failures
      • Unemployment was still high after the first New Deal
      • National income was still low after the first New Deal
      • It never solved the underlying economic problems
      • The New Deals undermined local governments
      • The first Agricultural Adjustment Act still left prices way too low
      • Confidence remained low in the economy as Americans only spent 75% of what they had in 1929
      • New Deal agencies still discriminated against blacks and they got no work/received lower wages
      • Unions were treated with suspicion
      • Many accused the New Deals of being communist and undermining American values


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