The Nazi Soviet Pact

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  • Nazi-Soviet Pact
    • Soviets and Nazis not friendly
      • Hitler's want for Lebensraum
      • different ideologies - diametrically opposed (N-fascist & S-communist)
      • Hitler wanted to end communism - mein kampf
        • signed pact against communism - anti-communism pact w/ Japan and Italy
    • Soviets and B&F not friendly
      • Looked like B&F pushing H towards USSR.
      • British MPs (Churchill) described communism publicly as a "plague virus"
      • B&F did not consult USSR at Munich conference - USSR not even invited!
      • Different ideologies.
    • Why was pact so important?
      • Hitler's attack on Poland - inevitable.
      • B declared war on G (due to deal w/ Poland)
      • Hitler did not expect a reaction from Britain.
      • B&F lost USSR as an ally
      • Hitler avoided war on 2 fronts.


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