the multi-store memory model

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  • the multi-store model of memory
    • separate memory stores
      • The MSM describes how information flows through the memory system
      • memory is made of three stores linked by processing
    • sensory register
      • a stimulus from the environment passes into the SR along with lots of other sights, sounds, etc.
      • this part of memory is not one store but five, one for each sense.
        • duration
          • very brief
            • less than half a second
        • capacity
          • high
            • over one hundred million cells in one eye, each storing data.
        • coding
          • depends on the sense
            • visual, auditory, etc.
    • transfer from SR to STM
      • little of what goes into the SR passes further into the memory system
        • needs attention to be paid to it
    • short term memory (STM)
      • STM is a limited capacity and duration store
        • duration
          • about 18 o 30 seconds unless the information is rehearsed.
        • capacity
          • between 5 and 9 items before some forgetting occurs.
        • coding
          • acoustic
    • transfer from STM to LTM
      • maintenance rehearsal occurs when we repeat material to ourselves.
      • we can keep information in STM as long as we rehearse it.
      • if we rehearse it long enough, it passes into LTM
    • long term memory
      • a permanent memory store
        • duration
          • potentially up to a lifetime
        • capacity
          • potentially unlimited
        • coding
          • tends to be in terms of meaning
            • semantic
      • when we want to recall materials stored in LTM it has to be transferred back to STM by a process called retrieval.


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