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  • The Merchant's View on Marriage
    • Cynical views
      • His own experience
        • 2 months of marriage
          • Feels trapped within his marriage
            • 'I wolde nevere eft comen in the snare'
              • Imagery of prey being captured. Idea of vulnerability
            • Resentful of his wife
            • Desries to be 'unbounden'
          • 'Thise monthes two'
        • 'sorwe'
          • The Merchant is an unhappy married man
        • Intolerable, nagging wife
          • 'The worst that may be'
          • 'shrewe'
        • 'For thogh the feend to hire ycoupled were, she wolde him overmacche'
          • His wife would defeat the Devil
        • 'I telle may namoore'
          • Refuses to speak more about his wife and marriage
      • Makes many references to the Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve live in perfect happiness until Eve is tempted to eat the fruit of the forbidden tree
        • Believes Women to be the cause of the downfall of man
          • 'the fruit of his tressor'
            • Juxtaposition of life ('fruit') and money ('treasure')
      • Talks of women who are resourceful and successful, but also have theme of deception in common.
        • Makes all women seem decietful
    • Positive
      • Role of the wife
        • Wife belongs to husband - she is his property
          • 'to love and serve'
          • Married men live a happy and ordered life
            • ''herte in joy and bliss'
            • 'his paradis'
          • 'to kepe him'
        • Her role is to help him work, to be wise and full of wisdom
          • 'She kepeth his good'
          • 'so wise'
      • Merchant believes women are a gift from God
        • He refers to the knight as 'worthy'
        • 'A wyf is Goddes yifte'
          • Merchant equates God's gift of a wife with material goods
        • 'Mariage is a ful greet sacrement'
        • marriage between man and woman reflects relationship between Christ and Church


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