The labelling theory (symbolic interactionalist perspective)

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  • labelling theory
    • symbolic interactionist perspective of education
    • ideal pupil
      • teacher labels positively, spends more time helps them, ignores bad behaviour
      • develops a positive self concept, believes they'll so well so work hard, behave well
      • succeed, confirming teachers original view. self fulfilling prophecy
    • bad pupil
      • teacher labels them negatively, failure and criticises behaviour, rejects pupil
      • develops negative self concept, wont do well don't care, don't work hard
      • fail, confirming teachers original view. self fulfilling prophecy
    • Stephen ball- beachside comprehensive
      • teachers have stereotypical views about different bands. enter them into less exams
    • hargreaves
      • teachers have 7 types of criteria on how they decide what 'type' a pupil is
    • Rosenthal and jacobson
      • spurters achieved more than 'ordinary' pupils although have same ability
    • evaluation
      • strengths
        • shows importance of what happens insde school, falure cant be entirely blamed on student
      • weaknesses
        • too deterministic, doesn't consider factors outside school, doesn't consider other factors in school


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